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Explora Studios is an end-to-end production studio led by a team working at the intersection of art, communications, and technology. 

A reputable full service production company, we possess a wide variety of experiences and skillsets that help bring your ideas to life. We execute on our client’s concepts, or fully research, conceptualize and develop a project based on customers’ needs and/or requirements.

3,000+ projects have relied in our expertise to craft and help tell your stories in different mediums and formats. 

Production Services

No matter where you are in the production process, we can help. You may be working on a marketing campaign, a new online course, a video game, independent movie, or some other project requiring content. You have an initial idea, concept, script, etc., but now you need to produce or find the ideal visuals/audio and/or package it all together.

We can help.

Production Management

Do you have an idea or project, but rather let us manage all the production responsibilities while you focus in other aspects of the business?

Not a problem, we got you covered.


We are a media company committed to furthering how digital technologies and innovation are transforming the way we communicate and learn through media.
We achieve this three ways:

As part of our commitment and support to education we offer special discount rates that allow institutions and non-profits to save between 15%-40% on production costs.

Recent Projects

Every project is an opportunity to explore new topics, inventive content strategies, production techniques,
and innovative storytelling skills.

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