Two highly-specialized sister companies working individually or in tandem to provide the best content solutions to your needs.

Explora Communications is an award-winning, reputable provider of learning experience design, content development, and educational technology services. We create learning experiences and content for educational institutions, organizations, corporations, and government.

We contribute to your projects in several ways:

  • We can simply produce specialized media content and resources for your courses.
  • We can work with your experts and specialists to help develop the courses’ strategy, learning/experience design, and produce the necessary content, materials, and technology delivery platform.
  • We can develop custom courses and training experiences, at any level, for your organization. With our large network of international experts and specialists, we  are able to offer the possibility to develop learning/training projects based on your specific needs and areas of interest.

There is actually a good chance that if you have taken an online course in recent years, we may have contributed to it in one way or another!

Explora Studios is an end-to-end production studio led by a passionate and creative team working at the intersection of art, communications, and technology. 

Through the versatility that the wide variety of experiences and skillsets in the team provide, we help bring your ideas to life. We execute on our client’s concepts or, when fully research, conceptualize and develop a project based on customers’ needs and/or requirements.

At the same time, when our schedules supporting external client productions and ExploraComms needs, we always make sure to leave space to plan and produce internally developed projects, like shorts, docu-series, music, etc.

3,000+ projects have relied in our expertise to craft and help tell your stories in different mediums and formats. 

Sample Projects

Every project is an opportunity to explore new topics, inventive content strategies, production techniques,
and innovative storytelling skills.

ExploraStudios HQ
777 Dunsmuir St. Suite 1700
Vancouver BC V7Y 1K4